Dance Schedule for December 2004

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Dances start promptly at 8:30pm and end at 11:30pm. Admission is $8. A contra dance lesson for beginners is given every Friday starting at 7:30pm and is included in the price of admission.

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December 3 - Linda Leslie calls to Firetruck (from Massachusetts) – Anna Patton (clarinet), Ethan Hazzard-Watkins (fiddle), and Seth Houston (guitar, piano) . New England musicians bring their inventive music to Glen Echo, including the rare contra-clarinet!

December 10 - Laura Brown calls with the Glen Echo Open Band

December 17 - Nils Fredland calls to Mando Mafia – Rick Friend (guitar), Bill Giltinan (mandolin), Joey Damiano (bass), Pete Marshall (octave-mandolin), Kelly Perdue (mandolin), whose Wall-of-Mandolin sound makes dancers an offer they can't refuse! "...danceable, foot-tappable, unignorable and irresistible"--Folk Roots Magazine.

THURSDAY - December 23 - Bob Hofkin calls with Late for Supper – Todd Clewell (fiddle), Barb Schmid (fiddle) and Jill Smith (piano) are busy playing great contra dance music, even though they"ll be "Late for Supper".

THURSDAY - December 30 - Herschel Nelson calls to Gypsy Meltdown (Colleen Reed (flute), Keith Gillis (guitar), Kathy Kerr (fiddle))-- having grown up at the Friday Night Dance, they are becoming a regional favorite with their great fiddle, guitar, and haunting flute.