Dance Schedule for November 2004

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Dances start promptly at 8:30pm and end at 11:30pm. Admission is $8. A contra dance lesson for beginners is given every Friday starting at 7:30pm and is included in the price of admission.

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November 5 - Susan Taylor calls to the Mammals (Ruth Ungar, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Michael Merenda, Chris Merenda, Pierce Woodward). FIRST TIME AT GLEN ECHO—rare contradance by a folk festival favorite! Wild, mirthful and masterful.

November 12 - Tom Hinds calling with the fabulous Glen Echo Open Band.

November 19 - Beth Molaro calls with the Groovemongers (Rebecca McCallum, C.W. Abbot, Jane Knoeck, and Mark Hellenberg). One of our most requested bands teams up with one of our most requested callers!

November 26 - Bob Dalsemer calls to Cacklin’ Hens and Roosters Too—(Chris Ferrier, Clare Milliner, Wanda Irion, Walt Koken, Frank Scott, Woody Woodring, Bob Taylor). A favorite old-timey mountain band with a sound that’s pure branchwater and bourbon.