Dance Schedule for August 2003

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Dances start promptly at 8:30pm and end at 11:30pm. Admission is $7. A contra dance lesson for beginners is given every Friday starting at 7:30pm and is included in the price of admission.

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August 1 - Laura Brown calls to Laura and the Lava Lamps – Laura Lengnick (fiddle), Dave Wiesler (piano), and Ralph Gordon (bass)

August 8 - Greg Frock calls with the Glen Echo Open Band

August 15 - Susan Taylor calls to Who ‘da Thought It String Band (from Indiana) – Louise Walisser (fiddle), Deb Shebish (fiddle), Crystal Bailey (mandolin, tenor banjo) and Michael League (guitar)

August 22 - Steve Gester calls to June Apple – Jeff Steinberg (fiddle), Bob Garber (clarinet), Mike McGeary (banjo, guitar, mandolin), and Alice Markham (piano)

August 29 - Dave Colestock calls with Mostly Mortal Wombat – Carl Friedman (fiddle), Ralph Barthine (guitar), Michael Friedman (piano)